a Bangalore based coldpressed juicing Co. & we are pleased to meet you.

Each of our juices, are created from the whole foods our species were designed to eat. With respect to individual health as well as the planet’s wellbeing,

ALL of our products are made with ORGANIC ingredients ONLY. Our products contain mega-doses of live vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes – so we feel it is imperative that they are free of the dangerous pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and fertilizers regularly found in conventionally grown food. We will never compromise organic ingredients for its conventional counterpart, so our customers can rely on the best available shots.

We believe that if we focus on quality, quality, quality, the rest will take care of itself. The heart of our efforts is concentrated on our core values. The best part of each day is, nourishing our customers, and watching our customers become part of our family.

At LDS, we vow to never cut corners at the expense of your health and promise to use only the very best ingredients for all of our products!  Our juice is made from only organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices… never diluted and nothing is ever added. We cold press on a daily basis. We are 100% raw, we never use any form of pasteurization or HPP method.