The Cold Pressed Process

The Secret to Healthy Living

When you juice on an “at-home” juicer (typically centrifugal), your produce is heated and oxidized in the process, leading to a complete breakdown of nutrients soon after it’s juiced.

Cold pressing is the only method that enables juice to be bottled without preservatives or processing while still retaining all of its raw nutrients, live enzymes and medicinal benefits for up to 5 days. First, a grinder triturates the produce, then a hydraulic press squeezes the resulting pulp to release all the vital elements in the form of juice without heating or oxidizing.

Drinking raw juice floods your bloodstream with a high concentration of live enzymes, vitamins, and minerals without putting any strain on the digestive system. In its purest form, juice can be a powerful supplement to your health. When it is altered from its natural state, however, it loses its beneficial purpose. The juice you buy at the grocery store has undergone pasteurization or high pressure processing (HPP) in order to extend the shelf life to up 45 days. Through these processes, most vital enzymes and nutrients are destroyed.

We cold press daily , and hand combine our recipes in small batches to maintain the highest quality juice possible!

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